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Vancouver Island Ormus Mineral Cream is a 6x concentrated version of Vancouver Island Ormus Mineral Substrate. V.I.O. Ocean Mineral Cream is a unique multi-use cream created through our patented atomic separation process. Only the highest quality inductive nutrients are included.

100% natural. GMO free. Allergen free. Vegan. Sustainably sourced. No added preservatives. Safe for plants and animals. Try it today!

Ormus Mineral Cream does not expire and is safe if ingested. When added to water, it also make a great plant food.

Recommended amount for plants: 1g per gallon of water

Recommended amount: 1g per day

Directions: Apply directly to the affected skin area. Might be effective in case of burns, bruises, blisters, rashes, cuts, bites, inflammation (swelling), and more. Will leave white film when dry.

Important: Do not refrigerate! Do not freeze! Do not microwave! Always leave lid on and closed when not in use.


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